Euro 2016 book produced in record time

Mohn Media in football fever: Not long after Éder had scored Portugal’s winning goal, lorry loads of hot-off-the-press copies of the Euro 2016 book began to leave our site in Gütersloh, headed for the German market. Once again, Mohn Media proved that it is a real champion when it comes to producing books about major sporting events.

“The German national team were really unlucky – but they delivered a stellar performance – as did we,” explained product line manager Theo Löchter, before thanking all the staff who had worked on the project. “Nowadays, speed is one of the most important ingredients of success. Of course, this definitely applies to events such as the Euros or the World Cup – we have to get to work as soon as they are over. But we have plenty of experience in this area. Thanks to our high capacity and flexibility at the Gütersloh site, we can fulfil almost any request our customers might have.” The Euro 2016 project had an amazingly short turnaround time: 23:20 on Sunday: the final whistle blows at the Euro 2016 final between Portugal and France followed by the awards ceremony. 02:15 on Monday: printing, including up-to-date photos, begins at Gütersloh. 04:00 on Tuesday: finishing and bookbinding begins. 10:00 on Tuesday: dispatch begins in order for the books to reach retailers as soon as possible. The hardback book, in 21 cm x 28 cm format, was published by Hoffmann und Campe in co-operation with the weekly sports magazine “Sport Bild” and had a print run in the six figures. It includes a 224-page review of the Euro 2016 tournament in France, with all the important information. As well as a detailed report on the final, with its dramatic, emotional twists, the book also contains reports on Germany’s matches, up until their undeserved semi-final defeat by France. The book details how some of the teams gave disappointing performances, while others – such as Iceland and Wales – surprised everyone with their tenacity and their unconventional playing style, making themselves firm favourites. Other features include: an in-depth history of the championships, portraits of all of the stars of the tournament and detailed statistics. Löchter: “The new book – which we produced – allows football fans to relive those wonderful couple of weeks in France. It will ensure that people remember Euro 2016 for a long time.”