Print Catalogues

All our experience gained through print catalogues for the international market for more than 50 years will be utilised for your project. There can be no doubt that a printed catalogue enhances the customer experience. The ability to browse through the range in a catalogue and be inspired to purchase is still preferred. Your brand can really be properly represented by the visual presence and feel of a well-designed catalogue.

The huge diversity of materials, printing colours and finishes can be fully employed to set the right tone. Your customers have such a wide choice it is critical to use every avenue open to both retain and attract customers. Nowadays it adds so much more to the marketing mix in partnership with on-line. Our team are ready to take you on a journey to realise your imagination. From concept, through material choice and best formats, design and pre-press to printing, finishing and despatch – all under one roof.

Catalogues: the perfect medium for your products and services

Once delivered, your catalogue will live with your customer, ready to show you off at your best. This is YOUR BRAND and we are ready to help deliver that message to your target customers.

Whether you are selling high end jewellery, garden furniture or industrial electronics our experienced consultants will listen to you and your needs. We will find the right mix to make your catalogue stand out and ensure it retains all your brand values while delivering the perfect message.

A paper based catalogue must work hard alongside a strong on-line presence to make the perfect partnership to grow your business.

What type of service provider do you need?

Our consultants will assist you to get the best possible value from the largest range of printing equipment and services in Europe. All our experience gained through producing catalogues for the international market for more than 50 years will be utilised. Our internal R&D team have developed many of the processes and protocols now standard in the print industry.

We are all ready to ensure your catalogue delivers. We will not have to ship your ideas and requirements around the trade as we have all we need at Mohn Media and under one roof. We are happy to share our expertise to ensure every stage is completed to exacting standards. (We probably wrote the protocols and standards for the industry!) At Mohn Media we promise: a depth of service and print possibilities no one else can offer for your catalogues. Speak directly with us, we listen and advise as well as ‘act’, after all - we are the manufacturer. We can meet at your office or on-line. We are always delighted to be involved in the process of delivering success. 

Mohn Media is not only the number one catalogue printer in Europe, Mohn Media also helps us come up with new and exciting print designs and strategies every time, even for printing!


Print Catalogues play a key role in our sales policy. For this reason, we attach great importance to reliability and willingness to implement our requirements. We enjoy an uncomplicated, trusting and long-term co-operation with Mohndruck.


Printing and binding: All in one hand

Your catalogue production: maybe you have an idea of the size and type of paper your catalogue should have. Were those ideas limited by the production possibilities available or was cost a factor? With our incredible machine park at your service then it could be you are able to deliver that perfect catalogue after all. A huge number of formats become cost effective due to the amazing range of presses and binding equipment.

Choose the right Paper and bound technology

Difference papers come in to budget due to our direct buying power and experience. Choosing the right format may have been limited by previous suppliers due to standard cut off machines. This is not the case at Mohn Media. If you are looking for handbag format, a broadsheet or all sizes in between we have the press for you to produce with limited paper waste. This is not just key for your budget, but also for the environment. By the way our papers are ethically sourced and certified. What is the ideal pagination for your catalogue? 8 pages or 1200? You can be sure Mohn Media will have the right options to keep you on budget. Do you want to add few extra pages and worried about the postal costs? Our international postal expert will help optimise post and find the perfect delivery partner. Maybe with the savings our team have helped deliver you might consider an extra colour on the cover or special coating. Your catalogue must shout your brand and fit with your marketing message.

Create and print product catalogue

You want to support your online presence through brochures, flyers, and mailings? We are happy to advise you – together we can work out a successful concept, individually aligned to your requirements and target groups. We are fully experienced in all areas of catalogues. We would love to be part of your success.

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