Green is more than a colour to us. This is why we work with sustainable products and ensure that our production processes are environmentally sound. We are already thinking about tomorrow so that our future can be just as colourful as our history.

Quality management – DIN EN ISO 9001

We meet the highest standards in our consulting activities and in the manufacturing of printed products, and we are always working to optimise our processes. Our commitment is confirmed thanks to our DIN EN ISO 9001 certification, which involves our quality standards being independently audited.

Energy management – DIN EN ISO 50001

We introduced an energy management system voluntarily and our processes, activities and facilities are all organised in line with this. Our DIN EN ISO 50001 confirms that Mohn Media fulfils all the requirements of this standard and constantly monitors and optimises energy consumption.

Environmental management – DIN EN ISO 14001

We take responsibility for our environment and act accordingly. Our clear objective – to achieve environmentally sound production and continually improve our processes for the benefit of the environment – is confirmed by our DIN EN ISO 14001 certification.

Computerised franking

We help with your project right through to dispatch to the end customers. Using ‘Premiumadress’ ensures that the print quality of machine-processed mail is flawless.

Exemplary forest management

We place great value on how our paper is processed. We pay very close attention to the origin of our raw materials, adhere to environmental and social standards and use recycled materials. The Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) label confirms our commitment and our sourcing of products from well-managed forests.

Offset print process standards

Our production processes are continually monitored, evaluated and optimised. The ‘offset print process standards label’ represents a standardised process and consistently high quality for our printed products in accordance with the ISO standard 12647-2.

The ‘Deutscher Dialogmarketing’ quality seal

We are certified by ‘Deutscher Dialogmarketing’, a German dialogue marketing association, for special services and quality in the areas of letter shop, data declaration and fulfilment.

Quality laboratory

Material analyses of the paper, printing inks and auxiliary materials used in our own testing laboratory guarantee a quality-oriented, trouble-free and rational production within the applicable standards.

Certified colour sampling

Our colour matching spaces in the pre-press and the printing shop are inspected externally every year as per the applicable ISO standard 3664:2009 and certified accordingly.</source>

Mohn Media Fire Department

The Mohn Media Fire Department is responsible for fire prevention and safety of several production and administration buildings at the company’s Gütersloh location. Its main focus is on preventative and defensive protection.

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Andreas Henrichs


Environment- and Qualitymanagement & Data Protection Coordination

+49 5241 80-41877

Ecological trade is one of our basic principles – and with success.