Digital Enhancement/Augmented Reality

We make paper come alive. We design your message for immediate and emotional impact using 3D objects, 360° views, videos and interactive buttons. Enhance your customers’ reality with thrilling visualisations – for print experiences in a new dimension.

Augmented Reality technology has matured to the degree that it now enables fascinating applications. With our digital enhancement options, we create a direct link between printed contents and the wider digital world. You can use these options in various ways to offer your customers exciting added value. Here are just some examples:

  • Use original video and audio contents to enrich your adverts and editorial content with even more emotions and information. This will enable your readers to become deeply immersed in your brand or your product world.

  • We can convert your catalogue into a digital department store. Useful product videos provide informative insights; products on the wish list can be configured individually and ordered with a single click.

  • Appealing 3D animations complement textbooks and visualise complex contents and correlations, thereby providing a more stimulating learning experience.

  • Awaken your customers’ playfulness! By integrating mini-games and competitions and using gamification you will bring a smile to your readers’ faces.

Our experts know that digital enhancements can only achieve the desired effect if they provide genuine added value for the reader.

Consequently, we match our Augmented Reality concepts to your customers’ individual requirements. Applied selectively in the right places, they will keep enthusing your readers.

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We create a digital 3D version of your product – let yourself be inspired!