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Challenge accepted: Our business is flyers. Huge print volumes produced in the shortest time frames. We are a specialist manufacturer of advertising material and have a fully equipped machine park. This enables us to give you total format and pagination flexibility to deliver print that demands attention.

We print huge print runs in unmatched schedules

Your Flyer team will plan your latest marketing push based around seven web offset presses. We produce advertising materials and press inserts with print runs of between a few hundred thousand copies to multi-million. These powerful printing machines allow us to adapt to your seasonal changes and short term needs. You are thus able to benefit from opportunities and react to your ever changing market. We help you ensure that your investment in print is delivered to your customers in the shortest schedules with exceptional quality. Glued, stitched or loose bound are all options. What about two sections endorse folded together? Keep the message fresh with innovative solutions.  

We are specialists in printing flyers and brochures

Your Flyer team will be personally engaged and fully committed. We take time to understand your needs and assist with developing concepts and designs to get the cost effective solutions to deliver your product to market. Your flyer team are multilingual and we know about your market. As an international printing house we are involved in all aspects of creative print. Complex business requirements are part of our daily routine. We enjoy the challenge. We will organise the booking of press inserts and help plan the distribution and logistics to optimise the coverage of your promotion. This is a fast moving market environment demanding quick responses. Your flyer team have specialists and experts on call at Mohn Media to cover every aspect. All backed up with the finest equipped plant. 

Best production conditions for your flyers

The seven presses mainly used by the flyer department are part of the 23 web presses housed under one roof making this the largest plant in Europe. This powerful array of presses is fully backed by end to end services to deliver the perfect message. How can we help? Our software experts can help with tools to ensure just in time information is on your pages. Need to help with photography? Our studio team are there to help. Our help is based on knowledge gained as the leading supplier of flyers in many markets.

Make use of the incredible effect of flyer advertising

The digital age is with us. Getting the attention of your customers gets more challenging. Flyer advertising still remains a highly successful method and falls easily within your marketing mix and rightly regarded as the most important instrument for success.

  • The all-rounder.
    When flyers are used in the marketing budget they typical will take around 40% of the spend. The flyer gets your latest range in front of the target customers while your brand is allowed to tell its story.

  • The sales leader
    The flyer is still the champion sales generator. POS-Marketing and direct mailings are important parts of the mix but in sheer numbers the flyer is the leader.

  • The shopping assistan
    Studies conducted by DDV and INRA prove: 61% of the 2,100 interviewed said that after receiving the flyer then immediately read it. 20% used it as price comparison and 21% for searching special offers.

  • The finance optimiser
    60% of retailers interviewed view flyer advertising as the method with the highest return on marketing investment. 

  • The customer mind reader
    Your whole product range in view of your target customers. Ready to inspire the customer to action.

  • The cross media specialist
    Direct selling on-line shops grown on a purely digital business model reap benefit through printed flyer marketing.

  • The door opener.
    Your flyer carries the offer to a place where no other branch has access to. Fully portable and always available in the living room or in the park.

  • The chart breaker.
    Grow your business and follow the successful use of flyers by supermarkets,  department and furniture stores as well as construction markets to name a few.

  • The seducer.
    According to a study by DDV, two-thirds of adults use flyers often or at least occasionally. The survey also shows buying decisions for women are heavily influenced.

  • The appreciated.
    97% in 2,569 interviewed persons have a positive attitude towards flyers.

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