Omni-Channel publishing

We have an excellent command of the entire range of communication channels thanks to omni-channel publishing. Our experts are there to help with versatile solutions and systems.

Our in-house project managers and IT experts have comprehensive expertise and many years of experience in setting up and operating omni-channel publishing systems. With our support, you will not only have efficient and transparent production of advertising materials and all of your other publications, we can also help you to produce the perfect platform for customer-centred communication across all channels.

We can take care of project management for you and can develop interfaces with ERP systems, web shops or publishing systems. We operate the programs in our computer centres and supervise production, maintenance and support. This allows you to concentrate fully on using the systems.

The software we use represents, depending on requirements, various solutions, such as the Censhare suite. As a “plus” business partner of Censhare, we have a full knowledge of the software, can introduce our customers into the system and ensure that they can produce their advertising materials and publications perfectly.

Delius Klasing’s media are the first choice for watersports, cycling and car fans – not least because we have very high standards for our products, in order to provide first-class content that is highly relevant and useful. We always put quality and service first.

"Mohn Media has been established for years as a reliable service provider at our side. We also benefit from dedicated consulting and creative solutions. One example is the Censhare publishing system. It allows our proofers and magazine editing teams to manage and work with all content in a central system in a transparent and efficient manner. Being able to use all content at the same time in different ways, and being able to export it via all channels represents great added value to us."

Mohn Media operates, hosts and provides support for the Censhare system on our behalf. This allows us to focus on our core competences: producing relevant content for our target groups.

Olaf Klinger, Publishing Director Magazines, Delius Klasing Verlag GmbH

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