Champions in all categories – Mohn Media is your comprehensive consultant and service provider. We are experts in all channels and, as part of the strong Bertelsmann Printing Group, we guarantee you perfect project solutions for outstanding results.

Listening, and seeing things through our customers’ eyes – that is the formula at Mohn Media that we use to respond to our customers’ individual wishes in order to approach projects professionally and successfully. 

We draw up analyses of the current situation in your production processes and offer you suggestions on how to optimise them. You can trust in our many years of experience in media production and with publishing systems. With the expertise of our project managers, we can successfully introduce omni-channel publishing systems and can help you to develop and implement optimum processes for all channels.

This expertise has also been confirmed by our excellent Market Performance Wheel (MPW) ratings as an integrator and consultant. The Market Performance Wheels for integrators and consultants examine the entire spectrum of specialisms within Information Supply Chain Management (ISCM). The expertise demonstrated by the various suppliers in a total of 12 areas of technology is examined and made transparent.

The MPW for Mohn Media displays the company’s excellent achievements in the areas of ‘ISCM Backend’ and ‘Omnichannel’. Our many years of experience in the areas of PIM (product information management) and MAM (media asset management) are also clearly reflected in the high scores depicted by the wheel.  Mohn Media, which is a specialist one-stop provider of omnichannel solutions, achieved full marks in the ‘Print & Tablet’ specialist category.

The Group of Analysts (TGOA) is a market research company that provides analyses of the developments taking place in the world of IT. TGOA observes and interprets the true effectiveness of the software and integrator market. To do this, they use a new method of analysis, which has flowed out of the last twelve years of customer evaluations and research results. This method generates data charts, which are called Market Performance Wheels (MPWs). They are circular, informative shapes that convey a multi-dimensional overview. These wheels, which are unparalleled in the market, encapsulate each company’s DNA, products and services.

We would be glad to share the overall findings of the MPW with you in person, along with the accompanying letter from Thomas Lucas-Nülle and Temel Kahyaoglu, the chief analysts  at TGOA. If this is of interest, please get in touch with your contact person.

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