Small or large print runs. Special or standard page sizes. Books intended to last or quick direct mailings. Regardless of what or how much you want to print – we can do it. Always with the same exacting standards of quality, flexibility and efficiency. We create solutions that give our customers peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that they have chosen the right partner.

About Mohn Media


Over 120 years of experience, innovative strength and the best printing quality – just some of the reasons why we are Europe’s leading print and media service provider.


Dirk Kemmerer and Ulrich Cordes make up Mohn Media’s two-man management team. They introduce themselves briefly.


They achieve great things. Show that passion leads to success. We shadowed our colleagues and tell their story.


We think green – which is why we make our production processes as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible.


In the beginning there was a man, a handful of printing presses and a vision. Carl Bertelsmann establishes Mohn Media in 1835. A journey through time.