Nothing ventured, nothing gained

There are many ways to reach your goal if you want to bring a new product to market, develop the right team or found a start-up company — but the art is in finding the right one. Some voices say “Do on! Turn right here!” while others beckon from the left and call “This way!”. But which one is ideal for you? If only we dared to listen to our gut feelings – and follow our passion.

“We’ll have to pull out all the stops if anything is to come of that. We’ll need to cooperate exclusively with market leaders!”, said Joseph Menn, looking at Jonathan Ludwig seriously for a moment, before winking and grinning. “You’ve found a super location for our first meeting,” he said. “No wonder you feel so comfortable in Berlin!” That first meeting of the two INCENT founders – now in the SoHo House in Berlin – was two years ago already. They are still glad to be there, and just as happy to discuss new strategies in the meeting room of the start-up company they founded themselves. Whenever Joseph and Jonathan sit there opposite each other, with neon advertising flashing behind them – and they don’t know if it’s time to go home or not – there are always new ideas and product launches to discuss.

“What makes a successful start-up company? Definitely having the courage to pursue new ideas, even if at first they seem crazy.”

Jonathan Ludwig, founder of INCENT Now

The two founders quickly realised that they complement each other perfectly in their work.

The self-confidence recipe for success

The basic idea behind INCENT Now – to concentrate on the development and marketing of coupon strategies – has definitely worked to this day. The start-up scene in Berlin has helped enormously, providing plenty of know-how and inspiration for their work. Even if sometimes a headwind is inevitable. Every start-up company always knows the best approach to take and the fastest way to reach the goal. But Joseph and Jonathan simply trusted each other, put together a damn good team and reached for the stars with thoroughly considered, perfectly placed product ideas and marketing strategies. Success. And the two of them needed a partner to produce their print materials, who possesses the same passion and courage for new challenges: someone who thinks outside the box, who dares to try things – and always comes up with extraordinary quality. “We should award the contract to Mohn Media Jonathan, and strategically align our cooperation. Mohn Media is the best choice for us”, said Joseph, with confidence, putting down his pen. A tram whizzes by on its rails behind him.

Together Joseph Menn and Jonathan Ludwig (left to right) have been running INCENT Now since 2016.
On the way from Gütersloh to Berlin, Christian Lütkefedder uses the time to work in peace.


Best service

Christian Lütkefedder, Head of New Customer Business Mailings at Mohn Media, puts down his smartphone and looks outside from his window seat on the train. Almost half past eight – and another 60 minutes to Berlin Central. After many joint consultation appointments he is meeting Joseph and Jonathan again in person today in Berlin. He currently advises many customers about effective coupon, scratch card and point of sale campaigns. But this project will stick in his memory for a long time. Together with INCENT Now, he has put together a coupon strategy in the last few months that really packs a punch.


I really enjoy tackling complex challenges in my job and successfully realising innovative ideas and visions with different business partners. That motivates me a lot.

Christian Lütkefedder, Head of New Customer Business Mailings at Mohn Media

A convincing idea: customers really like the new voucher booklets.


Set in print

He can still hear his colleague saying “Wow, that’s really good!” as he presents the book of vouchers with digital extensions that he designed. “It feels good and has a modern layout. You’ve really given it everything you’ve got.” It sounds so nice, but it’s true. You have developed a product that everyone is proud of, with eight market-leading companies as distribution partners and over 200 brand partners placed in voucher booklets like the “Thalia Jubelvorteile”. The objective to give their customers attractive offers and brand advantages with INCENT Now voucher booklets, over and above their own range of products, is a success.


Grown together

Of course, an enormous amount of time and energy was required from the agreement and development of the format, right through to the production planning. Although Christian’s friends say that he has always been energetic and ambitious, he has totally surpassed himself. In the first year now, ten million books of vouchers have been printed at Mohn Media and distributed to end customers. In future, there will definitely be more work with INCENT Now. Ideas for multi-coupon strategies are already awaiting their starting shot. What were those two managing directors smiling about from the start? “Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Together we focused on the best technology, intelligence and creativity.” – that’s how it was. And today Christian and Mohn Media are a fixed part of the INCENT Now team. Christian smiles to himself.

By working closely together, the three business partners have developed into a powerful team.
  • The founding year of INCENT Now: 2016

  • Area of the INCENT Now agency premises: 300 m2

  • Christian’s experience at Mohn Media: 10 years

  • Meetings between Christian and the foundersof INCENT Now in the last three years: 18 times

  • Printed coupons in 2017: around 250 million

  • Neon cables laid at INCENT Now: 34.5 m

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