Printing schoolbooks

Imparting knowledge is a task that involves great responsibility. That is why we at Mohn Media print schoolbooks with great care, selected materials and appealing layouts. We provide teachers with the materials they need to share their knowledge with pupils in a clear and descriptive way.

Hardcover and softcover books, printed by the professionals

When it comes to teaching and learning in schools, schoolbooks are among the most important tools. From language development in pre-school to practical books for vocational colleges and French A Level textbooks, these books support teachers, children, teenagers and adults in the learning process, imparting all kinds of different content and knowledge. But these schoolbooks can only be effective and inspiring if the form and content complement each other perfectly. Do you agree? If so, Mohn Media is the right partner for you. As Europe’s leading printing and media service provider, we have extensive expertise in the field of book printing, creativity and bespoke service.

Printing schoolbooks to order

We’ll get your schoolbook ready for the press! Taking your ideas as the point of departure, our team of experts will be happy to advise you on innovative design, the right choice of material and finishing options. As a result, printed teaching materials retain a key role alongside digital devices, inspiring pupils to study and ensuring great learning outcomes. 

Are you looking to print a large number of copies of your schoolbook? No problem – thanks to our cutting-edge fleet of machinery with 23 web offset machines and 15 sheet-fed presses. Mohn Media employs around 2,000 highly qualified members of staff who make sure that your idea is turned into a successful schoolbook. 

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