Mohn Media experts share knowledge

The latest ‘’Printing Course’’ was held in Gütersloh at the end of May. Twelve customers from the UK took part in an intensive couple of days learning. The huge site at Mohn Media was used as the base for the course where there are more than 2000 staff on site.

This was the third time the course had been staged. It is divided into 14 modules over the two day residential programme. All aspects of printing from paper, colour management, proofing and press passing to binding and finishing are covered. Alasdair Gibson, UK Project Director at Mohn Media, who has developed the course over the last 24 months, summarised: “The ‘students’ are able to get an inside view of all processes and how each factor impacts the next. We are given unlimited access to laboratories, presses and finishing equipment. It is an outstanding opportunity for customers to broaden their knowledge to ensure all key factors are considered for future productions.”

Amongst some of the modules covered are book binding, photography and pre-press as well as a close up view of the huge 96 page web presses. Bastian Czerwonka, Head of International Sales concludes: “We are delighted that our Printing Course has had such amazing feedback and appreciation from our International customers. The Experts leading each module really enjoy sharing their knowledge with the students, which is a major factor in the success of the course.”

It is no surprise that the course in June is full. The Mohn Media team are already planning the next dates. If you are interested in enrolling a couple of members of your team on the course then please get in touch with us: Bastian.czerwonka(at)