Automating the Print and Media Service Business

Case study: Competitive Edge through Efficient Production

Facing the challenge of decreased production times and increased demand, Mohn Media decided to implement censhare in 2011 in order to maintain quality and improve the service it was offering to its clients, setting out three goals in the process:

  • Create leaner processes

  • Automate processes where possible

  • Retain customers with automation

Following its implementation, Mohn Media also found that the system enabled them to win customers and improve sales, as it created tremendous efficiency gains thereby providing a competitive advantage.

Mohn Media provides a fully managed application service, based on censhare, giving its clients a turnkey omnichannel publishing system without the need for IT overheads or technical skills. An example client, featured in the case study video, is Delius Klasing Verlag, a specialist magazine publisher.

The platform enables all assets regardless of medium, whether print or digital, to be managed centrally, supporting the entire business and using the same team, rather than having separate siloed digital and print teams and systems, providing transparency across the business and enabling them to standardize across processes and workflows.

At Delius Klasing Verlag, implementing the censhare based service from Mohn Media has facilitated collaboration and the rapid rollout of new content products, whether digital or print, due to the framework which is now in place.