A retail store that you can send through the post

Customer Peter Hahn’s team has a very special task: they send entire retail stores through the post. These branches have one peculiarity: they are very small. Small enough to be sent through the post. Precisely therein lies their unusual advantage: they have the best location possible, because they enter their customers’ living rooms. That is what makes these little stores so successful.

“You should view a supplement or a catalogue as you would a visit to a well-organised fashion retailer. The title page is a look through the shop window at selected items. If the customer is interested, she goes inside. For us, this means inside the supplement. She looks around, which means browsing through the catalogue, and if her interest is piqued, she lingers over a product. Then she is approached by a salesperson – in our case, this is the personalisation, the claims made about the product and the personal form of address contained in the letter or directly within the supplement. If a customer decides to purchase a product, she is rewarded by means of a marketing promotion such as a discount. Every page that we produce for Peter Hahn is valuable shop floor space. And it is important that it be used to its full potential,” says Carsten Büker, Action Print Sales Manager.

The small data matrix code on the cover of the catalogue, to the right of the photo of the elegantly dressed woman, is the product of over 20 years of working in partnership with Peter Hahn, the mail-order fashion house based in Winterbach near Stuttgart.

Discussion about the catalogue in the Peter Hahn Team.

A real win-win situation

Just a few millimetres contain the experience gained from countless workshops, phone calls and tests. “We are not interested in reaching a lot of people, but in achieving a lot among the right people,” says Achim Mörretz, Manager of the Action Print product line at Mohn Media. Many measures are adapted to customers’ buying behaviour, as the chances are quite good that a woman who buys a blazer may also be interested in a blouse or a shirt. 
Christian Hirsch, Customer Manager in the Peter Hahn team, appreciates this challenge. “We think in terms of data records, media lists, score cards and postal regulations. We provide smooth optimisation of the postage costs for Peter Hahn, as, after all, these make up almost 50% of the overall costs. For our customer, this equates to available capital, which can be invested in a larger print run. It’s a real win-win situation,” says Hirsch.

The Peter Hahn team during the concept phase.

Choosing Mohn Media

Converting this quantity of individual information into printed editions is no mean feat. A personalised address label must be applied to a particular catalogue that has a particular weight and format at a particular time; this is then distributed with the correct “local look” – a country-specific design and the correct language version.

“We chose Mohn Media as our service provider once again because our requirements are very complex and we have found that Mohn Media has a deep understanding of the challenges we face,” says Christine Weller, Head of Advertising at Peter Hahn. Peter Hahn has now been making use of Mohn Media’s expertise for over 20 years. In this time, the fashion house has grown from being a regional company and is now an international mail-order service for elegant fashion.

Carsten Büker and Achim Mörretz busy planning.

Carsten Büker pulls a few copies of the “little retail stores” out of the pile and checks their weight and appearance. He runs his fingers over the individual pages, skimming over the “sales rooms”. He is always on the lookout for a way to make it even better.

We are not interested in reaching a lot of people, but in achieving a lot among the right people.

Action print finishing being set up.
  • A customer relationship lasting over 20 years
  • Over 12 million 2- to 24- page insert supplements for customer acquisition
  • Over 17 million personalised and addressed supplements for ten countries with a "local look"
  • Over 20 million fashion catalogues selected for particular target groups
  • 5 "action print" machines
  • Processes evaluated and optimised countless times
  • Many individual personalisation options for each print run
  • Regular meetings

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