Printing children books

Childhood is shaped by stories – from an early age we begin to learn about mythical creatures and everyday heroes, about how the world works, and about the value of letting one’s imagination run free. Are you keen to publish such a story of your own? As experts in printing children books, we at Mohn Media would be delighted to get your project ready for the press.

Every child has a favourite book. And children can quickly tell which books are particularly special: those where the funny, exciting or fascinating content comes with stirring imagery and is packaged in a book that feels good to the touch. At Mohn Media we share this aspiration for quality, tailored to the demands of the young target group. We draw on many years of experience and specialist expertise, and we employ our own dedicated specialists in the field of children’s books. 

Have your children’s books printed by a full-service provider

As a full-service provider we take care of everything for you: we guide you through the whole process, from concept planning and the finalisation of the layout to matching binding types, paper types and formats (e.g. A4, A5, square, portrait, landscape or special formats). We also make sure no harmful substances are used when producing your children’s book. Our FSC-certified paper from sustainable sources also makes an important contribution to environmental protection. 

Printing children’s books in hardcover or softcover

Would you like to start off with a low print run when publishing your children’s book? Or are you, as an established publisher, already familiar with your customers and used to working with high print volumes? Thanks to our cutting-edge fleet of machinery we can provide custom orders. With 23 web offset machines and 15 sheet-fed presses, we have the right machines for your printing needs. From hardback picture books for small children to handy paperbacks for teenagers, we’ll make sure it’s a reading experience they’ll never forget. 

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