Challenge accepted: in the flyer business, huge print runs (more than 75 million flyer per week) need to be made in the shortest of time frames with first-rate quality. Not everyone can do that. We can.

The production is centred around seven highly modern web offset presses we produce advertising materials and press inserts with print runs of between a few hundred thousand copies to several million. This flexibility and our huge production capacities, as well as the full range of production types, allow us to react to your individual needs. Or, to put it another way: you can react quickly – and be sure that your flyer will arrive on shedule produced to the highest standards.

I would be happy to talk!

Michael Distler


Head of Productline Flyer

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I would be happy to talk!

Robin Wollschläger


Head of Sales

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Wondering how we manage such large print runs?